School Uniform

So lately I've been getting into Sakigake!! Otokojuku. Why? Because it's old-school and I love old things.

It's all about this school that only accepts punks and delinquents that the other WUSSY schools expel for being too awesome. Then they train them. Yes. Train them to REVIVE THE SPIRIT OF JAPAN. Yes! Insane nationalism and ridiculously beefy men. It's beautiful and being subbed by Hokuto no Gun.

It helps that it practically opens with this scene, too.

Look forward to plenty more reasons to love this show in the coming days . . .


  1. I wanna go to this school.

  2. Umm! Please give us the dish! Where did you find this show online???

  3. Damn, I think I'm going to like this. That scene is pretty hot.

  4. Crud... Now I have to watch this anime too!!!