Son of Zeus

The strongest man! Superhero Sunday time! This post will focus on Marvel's Hercules.

He is The Avengers' brawniest member.

And always goes about with his hairy chest proudly displayed.

This is his old costume. Nice . . . sandals?

He basically took over Hulk's comic from what I hear.

He and Thor share a godly rivalry of sorts. Even going so far as to dress in each other's clothes and play with each other's nipples.

Yes, Hercules is surely a mighty man! His strength is . . . herculean?

I've mentioned his hairy chest already, yes?

Well, nothing wrong with mentioning it a few more times.

Hairy. Chest.

Sometimes he does the proper thing and gets naked. Whether for a public bath . . .

Because he's suffered battle damage . . .

Because he got ditched after sex . . .

Or because he did the ditching.

Speaking of sex! Sometimes he gets with babes.

Like She-Hulk here.

There is not enough fanart of him.

But we make do.

We make do.

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  1. hercules is too hot!!!!!
    nice pics
    i love your blog

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