Tekken: Blood Vengeance

A Tekken movie in full CG! Sounds great, right? I mean, it's gotta at least be better than Hollywood's live action attempt, right?

Well, turns out it was just kinda okay. It starred Xiaoyu (awesome!) but also starred Alisa (UGH).

Anyway, here's the best part of the film, when Xiaoyu sneaks into new guy Shin's apartment and totally peeks on him taking a shower.

Sexy scars on back? Check.

Sexy arm tattoos? Also check.

. . . Is it just me or is it a little steamy in here?

OOH! We even get an ass shot.

Very nice all around.

 Too bad that, other than his body, Shin is incredibly boring. :X


  1. I'll deal with boring if I could get some of that. Also, how dare you urg Alisa? She's awesome

  2. Alisa is awesome indeed! Y U don't like her?

  3. Oh my gosh. She represents basically everything I hate about modern anime and video game character design. x0

  4. I really agree with you on Alisa xD shes really the opposite of wath Tekken really is but the movie was fun...in a childish way, i hope they make it better next time

    Shin scene was pretty neat! Too bad it was short xD

  5. wow that was nice. they're trying to widen their buyers hehe. with all those sexy guys on the game they should do a bath house scene that would've been hotter

  6. Agreed about Alisa. And the movie in general was very frustrating; we've got 6+ games full of character history, and they chose to star 2 characters who weren't even introduced until the 3rd and 6th games simply because they are cute and wear short skirts. Very Shallow. If you HAD to star someone simply for the sex appeal atleast use Nina, who, you know, is actually appropriate for doing espionage/spy work and has been in the series since the start, not a freaking highschool girl.

    Also, would have preferred the shower scene be any male Tekken character than Shin, who is really just a throwaway bishie character whose face doesn't match his body.

  7. the movie was kinda boring yeah, also was kinda sad jin didn't appear in his flame pants+shirtless costume :(

  8. http://youtu.be/VoyFWw_nRFg

    Uploaded a vid of the shower scene, to anyone who hasn't seen the movie yet.

  9. That's the part you guya are mad? Alisa?
    I was more furious when they spend almost the entire movie trying to get as much information as possible about Shin like he is important only to kill him in the end.
    Part of the anger was because another sexy guy was gone.

  10. I like alisa,who dont u,she polite and preety and she has cool chainsaw moves