Humans and Furries

When two worlds collide!

At first it all seems like innocent fun, no?

The laughs, the friendship, the camaraderie.

 Sure, there's the odd battle to the death, but what new relationship isn't fraught with the occasional peril?

 And then there's the . . . molestation?

D'oh! That's right! When it's man against fur . . .

That's when we learn who is truly the predator . . .

. . . and who is the prey!

And naturally that goes double for pet/owner dynamics as well.

Down, Fido! Down! Bad boy! Ooh, wait, that actually feels really good . . . ♥

Well, you get the idea.

Lots of banging gonna be goin' on.

So let's get it started!

Furs an' their humans~


  1. Can someone tell me where the last picture is from?

  2. Im not a fan of furries but some of these are hot...

  3. Yah where's the last one from??

  4. OMG! you do not know how long I have waited for this post!! THANK YOU CROUP!!!

  5. May i know what pixiv tag to use when looking for furries and humans together?

  6. where's your sources!?

  7. Have you heard of a game called Morenatsu, Coup? It's essentially this X10