SORRY I haven't updated in a while guys. My monitor is still broken, so I'm stuck on the downstairs family PC. (actually, it's the family PC's monitor that's broken, and we're using my own as a stand-in for it) POINT IS, my happy porno time is limited to times when no one else is around, which isn't too often! Plus, my huge bara collection is on my own PC and not this one. Maybe we'll get a new monitor for Christmas . . .?

If it helps, this is probably much more annoying for me than for you! Going over two days without posting something here and I start breaking out in chills and cold sweats. O_o;;;;;

While separated from my pictures however, I have been working on my fiction! (google docs is wonderful) Just to post something (ANYTHING) here's a little excerpt from a piece I've been working on for Soto's contest . . .

* * * * *

Curious, the Chosen One drew forward. What he saw surprised him immensely. It was the tentacled terror! The very one he’d been sent to dispatch. It resembled thick, oaken tree roots, issuing up from the ground and swaying like antennae. Their surface was one continuous length of rough bark, but otherwise smooth. There were a good dozen or more, surrounding the camp.

The bandits' burly leader was held aloft by two of the tentacles, fighting and struggling against the creature. But even his formidable strength was useless against the terror’s might. His punches and kicks had no effect, and his sword lay down below where he couldn’t reach it. Coils wrapped around his brawny biceps to keep him from moving as another tentacle came from behind and, with a loud RRRRRRIIIIP, tore his vest right off his body. The hairy man gave a yell at that, and began swearing up a storm. The medallion gleamed gold and green on his fuzzy chest. As the Chosen One watched, two more tentacles shot up from the ground and began to feel around the top of his pants.

“Boss! What’s happening?!” the youngest bandit cried out.

“I don’t get it! The ‘terrors have never bothered us before!” said an older, more experienced, bandit.

The men milled in confusion as, above them, their boss’s pants were grasped on either side and, with another loud tearing of cloth, was ripped right from his lower body. Now naked with his cock flopped out, the man twisted and flexed against the grasping, darting, impossibly strong tree roots. But the things arranged him to their pleasure. At once he was spread-eagled in mid-air with a different tentacle wrapped around each of his limbs and stretching him out.

“Release me, damn you!” the bearded man roared, sweating. More roots emerged from the ground around them. These were different from the others though. Not quite as thick, and with something glistening on their tips, looking almost like sap. He gave an involuntary shudder as one of them rose up to brush against his left nipple, coating it with the stuff. He wriggled and moaned as his other nipple was coated as well, both nubs hardening instantly as they were toyed with and gently caressed. By this point his men were simply watching, dumbfounded, as another sap-drenched tentacle ascended, this one giving his heavy balls a ponderous lick, then traveling up the underside of his shaft as his back arched, his cock hardening. Two tentacles parted his brawny buttocks, giving a third freedom to poke at his hairy hole. “Aaah . . . !”


  1. nice. i have to say soupgoblin, your work is pretty good. and it's ok im sure your monitor will come in sooner or later. Flat-screen TVs Are monitors now,then again you might want to keep that to watch tv or play playstation. for now im looking at the best of the best in bara, the good times people had with your site over the years. and i love your site for that.

  2. Haha, a great start for the story. I already know that I will love to read what comes next (the idea with the Chosen One is awesome anyway ^^).

    I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope you get a new monitor fast. We miss you already.

  3. Awesome beginning! Can't wait to read more!

  4. Is there anything better than some hot hunky guy getting taken advantage by tentacles?

    You rock Croup, for bringing to life one of my biggest fantasies, keep up the good work man.

  5. Maybe you don't remember me? :(

    Then again, I haven't you seen answer the other comments :o

    Rahl here, if that stirs you memory ;)

    Another thing to share with you!

    Kyle's Bed & Breakfast is extremely gay, I think in the way you like it :D