Y'all remember my OC, Slake the Oni, don't you? Well, he's been turning up in a few more places . . .

The first is by FishballNoodles! What a hunky specimen. :3

Next comes a shot of him in a wrestling singlet by Ienzo. Just like his regular fundoshi, he employs a tiger stripe design here. ;]

Speaking of his fundoshi, it seems that Kartos's little umberlings want to divest him of it here! Pesky, adorable lil critters!

Lastly, we have this one by CursedMarked. He's, uh, well, my innocent mind can't fathom what he's doing in it. Maybe one of my more worldly readers could inform me. u_u


  1. *points at least photo* had trouble cumming so he finger banged himself! SEXY!

  2. It appears to be some kind of exotic ritual. Perhaps a rain dance?

  3. Fishballnoodle is a translator
    Fishballnoodle also able to typeset and edit
    Fishballnoodle is quite a talented artist
    Fishballnoodle is a woman
    Fishballnoodle loves muscle hunks

    Cant we just clone this girl???