But just who is he, and what is he from?

 Why, he's from this new game Trinity! While I can tell at a glance it's not my type of game, at least I can admire the character designs!

 Dagda, for instance, satisfies the game's "insanely beefy beefcake" quota.

 Yep, nothing like a big, burly, barbarian type to stare at during the dialogue scenes. ♥

And would you believe it? There's even more than one hot guy. So crazy!

The demo is out now?


  1. Not sure about the other two, but I do recall that Dagda is also a Celtic father diety. He weilds a club as a weapon, keeps an enchanted harp, and has a cauldron of meat that never empties.

    that's the extent of what I remember about him.

  2. My own knowledge of Celtic mythology is woefully inadequate, especially since I'm 100% Irish and have actual druids in my ancestry. Thanks for the info, Fenrir!

    A quick google search reveals the Celtic Dagda to be pretty hot, too. *_*

  3. Trinity was has been out for a little bit of time now...I still see it and mull over it every time I go to Gamestop

    but its made by Koei...the same people that make the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors games...now those games have some big burly and bara guys :)

  4. Karok from Vindictus.


    You can customize his basic body to add different hair, beards, underwear etc.