Meet Kiichi Miyazawa.

He's a martial artist, and main character of Tough. It's a long-running manga series, which also got a 3-part OVA made of it which got localized here as ShootFighter Tekken (no relation to the Tekken video games)

Pretty darn hot! As far as main characters go.

Despite his tendency to make the DERPIEST FACES EVER.

As much as I like Kiichi though, one thing has to be said.

Almost every guy in this show is even BEEFIER than he is!

The guys he fights . . .

. . . his own father (who trains him and who he regularly spars with) . . .

. . . and even his friends! Sorry, Kiichi! I like short guys though, so you're still tops.

And luckily, size doesn't stop him from dominating the big boys.

Oh, I mentioned how he spars with his dad, right?

It's fun!

Father/son bonding is great.

Did I also mention that later on his dad makes him wear an S&Mesque leather body harness during those bouts?

. . . complete with collar?

All in the name of training . . . of course.

Yes, sit like a doggy. Good boy.

I want one of my own. ;_;

. . . uh. To complete this post, some various covers!


  1. Ahhhhh Thank you thank you thank you. (: Awesome post.

  2. Woooow. Incredibly hot character. He will stand beside Krillin in my heart from now on. :D


  3. I didn't know this manga/OVA exist!
    Thanks Soup for all the screens and info. It seems like I'm gonna download all of it.

    Kiichi seems to be a fun guy... strong, athletic and tough (and likes S&M), he is my kind of love! HOHOHOHOHOHOHO