What do you do when you've got a whole mess of pics of strong, muscular men bound against their wills, in a variety of creative ways?

Well, really, there's only one thing to do, isn't there?

And that is . . .

. . . to make a bondage post.

Yes! My kink to see bara guys rendered helpless rears it's head once again!

Let's count the ways in which hunks can be tied-up/restrained, leaving them totally unable to stop you from playing with their bodies. ♥

Be a good doggie and drink up all your "milk".

Bad dogs go outside.

A package delivery . . .

Does the mere thought of being tied up send butterflies through your stomach and your cock perplexedly standing?

You're not alone . . . !

It's just human nature to crave that sort of thing, I think, but not want to admit it . . .

So many guys to capture, so little time. x3

And we haven't even gotten to the real kinky stuff yet, like wax play.

Or rubber?

. . . okay, actually I'm not into those personally.

Just big guys tied up, please! ^^

The bigger, the better.

Ooh, two slaves at once? Good job.

Struggle all ya want . . .

That just makes it more fun to watch. >3


And there you have it, folks.

Another installment on the wonders of bondage.


  1. LIES!

    The SoupGoblin I know is in support of Bara men being allowed to run wild and free~

    No longer constrained with restrictive clothing or happy face print undergarments!

  2. Oh, of course I support freedom for bara menfolk, Jubell. The bondage I describe is on a strictly temporary basis. They're caught, played with, then let go again--and the process may be repeated as often as necessary.

    You could call it a . . . "catch and release" program. (ohohohohoho)

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  4. www.cris-arttumblr.com