Number One

William T. Riker has the most epic bestest beard ever, and it was only after he grew it that Next Generation got any good at ALL.

Gaze at it. It is beautiful.

The actor who played him, Jonathon Frakes, also voiced Xanatos from Gargoyles, which is just as, if not MORE, amazing!

Here are some scans from one of the Star Trek graphic novels, The Gorn Crisis, getting hot and sweaty with some Klingon warriors.

Klingons are totally this franchise's bara bait, but I've never seen any porn of them.

Nice ass, Number One.

Mmmmm, Riker.


  1. I love beards and men with beards! But for some reason I cannot get attracted to Riker. Chakote did more for me :P

  2. I'll take beardless Riker any day of the week. True the show DID get better afterwards but...

    you kind of NEED rub beardless Riker's face.


    Like "let me at those cheeks" cause you know later it'll be a friggen prairie.

  3. I never liked Riker or Chakotay, they're always the balancing characters and that makes them kind of lame, and soft, which ruins the bara. I'll take Worf or even Garak,they have much more... character.

  4. Epic beard. Maybe they should have fired Frakes and gave the beard the role.

  5. I do LOVE that beard.

  6. There is Klingon Bara out there. Do a search on FA or Y! and the few pieces there are turn up.

    There are also some photo manipulations of Klingon studs via Google.

  7. my top sexiest star Character from the clasic Star Trek Captain Kirk and spock

    from The Nest Generation Riker

    Voyager Tom Paris and Chakotay

    Enterprise Captain Archer , Trip tucker and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed
    Deep space nine dr julian bashir and i thought Jake sisko was kind of sexy

  8. I would. love to see riker nude especially. his bum i would suck his ass hole and fuck him in his ass