The Pain . . .

Experiencing major ouchies in my wrists the last few days. Gonna take a break from all typing-related activities for a few days until it gets better (hopefully)!

It's all King of Fighter's fault.


  1. LOL,

    Hope u get well soon man!!

    don't worry , happen in big families too =DD

    happened to me after ( Tekken and NFS )

  2. Feel better Soup!

  3. I suggest hiring a maid to do things for you that would normally require your hands. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_UYq3yI0ZvPU/S-LhuYTBy1I/AAAAAAAAQBA/AvUNyp9ZEbY/s400/cross%208504447_p0.jpg

    In any event, feel better soon!

  4. Oh no! Hand injury? Does that mean masturbation's out for a few days?

    Cuz you know, bro. If you ever need a helping hand...

    JK! JK! You know...unless you were interested or anything...

  5. Carpal tunnel? Been taking a lot of finals or something ;O?

  6. Right now I can use all the help I can get, Colly. x0

  7. In my experience, Ive got blisters on my fingers trying to complete the Grid on "Expert Training" of "Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha".
    Its just gorgeous when you complete a Combo, with the Screams and Fireworks on background XD

  8. @colly: Considering that this is all because of KoF, that might be WHY he injured his wrist. ;)

    At any rate, get well soon Croup! Failing that, learn how to play with your other hand (hurr hurr hurr).

  9. Oh noes! Croup!

    I hope you get better O.O

  10. Lol, i got my fingers are like the fingers of a zombie at times with fight games like Gulty gear!!!!

    Thanks for the image and good luck, rest those hands and stop faping around >:T

  11. Great site.

    Could you post more Balthier stuff? I love this charming hunk.

    And Wakka is awesome too. He´s pure sex.

    I hope you feel better soon.