Another New Challenger

So what's been going on in the pages of Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru? Why, I'm glad you asked!

It turns out that a certain man showed up . . .

. . . who can only be described as a gay serial rapist.

Naturally, Mutou is the lead suspect. (what does that say about him?)

But it's not true! So to prove his innocence, Mutou decides to catch the real crook by offering his own body as bait, and dressing it in as flamboyently homosexual a manner as possible. (which, to them, is a speedo-clad muscle man!)

Things don't exactly go according to plan.

But eventually, the rapist reveals himself! Mutou changes clothes to fight him (unfortunately) but at least he keep the shirt off.

Mmm, shirtless fighting.

Hahahah, those guys.

Anywho, it turns out the rapist dude is a Brazilian exchange student named Pedro.

Upon learning this, Mutou and Minoru burst into the Judo Club to confront him! Only to find . . .

Ol' Pedro's in the process of banging the (unwilling) club captain himself! But the captain's pretty much an asshole, so I--I guess that's okay? . . . Um. So instead Mutou and Minoru just kinda watch.

Oh, and take pictures.

I like how sometimes I'll purposefully describe a series to make it sound gayer than it really is, but with this manga I don't even need to try. Heck, I'm mostly doing it accidentally. ANYWAY, afterward Mutou and Pedro prepare for one more fight!

How will things turn out from here?


  1. Loser gets surprise butt sex (I WISH)

    When they draw teeth like in the first panel, it looks insanely creepy!

  2. I did martial arts for five years, and not ONCE did my opponent rape me as a prize! What gives!

    I had a really hard time following what exactly was going on, but the idea of a martial-arts rapist was hot enough without a coherent plot.

  3. please have the conclusion up

  4. There one scene in this manga where they got party and got drunked. Then then all the main male character went stripping naked. XD

    I think it's Volme 20+ Let me go and check and thell you which chapter is it~