Komamura Sajin

(this post contains minor Bleach spoilers!)
The captain of the 7th Division of Soul Society. He always wears a helmet over his head obscuring his features. What could he look like under there? The fan theories ran rampant.

Whatever his appearance, it must be impressive . . .

As it turns out, there was secretly a hot furry under there!

One which many in the fandom seems to have decided wears fundoshi as undergarment of choice.

As well as an immense . . . cock?

Oh, don't act so surprised.

They've also decided that, since Kumamura was very embarrassed by his appearance for some time and shunned contact with others, that he must've worked his frustrations off with lots of solo masturbation.

Though that doesn't mean he hasn't got up to hijinks with other fellas once he came out of the furry "closet" so to speak.

Or LAY-DEES! (oh god it's hetero runnnnn!)


Captain of the 7th Division.


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