Kochikame: Monkeying Around

Episode 155. So there are rumors of a secret hot spring up in the snowy mountains where the most attractive ladies dwell, okay?

And Ryotsu leads you there. He's a trustworthy source, right?

Of course! So what do you do?

That's right. Throw off all yer clothes and hop in!

Bum close-ups~

But when they reach the "ladies" they find that . . .

Well, they're French.

D'oh! I mean, "monkeys"!

Anyway, while the two recover from their blue balls, Ryotsu demonstrates for the 9156th time that the animators never get tired of showing his hairy ass to the impressionable youth of Japan.

And after getting over their initial disappointment, they settle down to relax!

Down the "hatch", as it were.

But what's this?

Oh! You cheeky monkey!

That's not yours!


Hahahah! Those two.

Later that episode, Ryotsu still hasn't gotten dressed and he's still fighting with that dang monkey!

Uh oh! You don't wanna mess with this critter!

You might get drawn into some monkey business.


Nudity is funny!

What's it mean when the core result of an episode is just to show Ryotsu's ass again? Hmm, maybe we shouldn't think too hard on that one . . .


  1. we saw some of his crotch hair oh my

  2. I will be straight up: I think I lost it somewhere between the "French women" and the (disturbingly accurate) count of the number of times we have seen Ryo-san's ass. (Croup, judging from the amount of Kochikame posts, I think that estimate might be slightly conservative.)

    While we're on the subject of both:

    1) I am...somewhat disappointed that the monkey's very strategically placed foot was a sufficient censor. I thought there would be...y'know...more.

    2) I am, however, rather amused that the monkey thought that stealing Ryotsu's towel would have any effect. If there is one thing I have learned from the Stash, it is that Ryotsu has absolutely no shame.

    And that thing was coming off anyway. I know it, you know it, we all know it.

    2.5) ...seriously, at this point, I think it's more shocking when Ryo-san is actually wearing pants.

  3. Need some furry friday, raaar ! xD
    But without monkeys ._.

  4. As a FRENCH guy, I flip you off. Bitch.


  5. Furry friday, DO still want !
    There's still 3 hours left, we're still friday xD
    If you listen to me, god of Bara ...
    *watch the sky*
    Gimme a sign.
    Oh, dammit >.<

  6. When I go up to visit the onsens, I always make a point to wear my best purple 3-piece suit. ;3

  7. I don't even mind the French. I don't know what happened!

    Yes, Inferno, the second Ryotsu drapes a towel around his furry bod there's almost 100% certainty that it will fly off for one reason or another. In fact, I can only think of a single episode where he wore one for any good length of time at all and it actually *remained* on his person. It was like an insane plot twist.

    Eremes, you are clearly a very classy guy!