The Mysterious Case of the Split Onsen

Another screencap post, another hot springs scene~

This time it's from Toriko, episode 57!

Let's let the pictures tell a story for us, eh?

Those rippling muscles. So relaxed. So at ease.
A quick adjustment as things . . . develop.

The smaller guy, unable to keep his eyes off his companion . . .

Who responds with a sultry "come hither" look.

But . . .
Oh! He's too shy!
Better slip over to this side to calm his racing heart.
 Screw that! Use that heart, man! Use it!

 He gets down on his knees to make his intentions known.

And just as he's about to get to work . . .


The onsen itself is somehow cut in half! (talk about cock blocking)

Okay! Back to reality! (and out of purple prose mode)

Toriko and lil buddy Komatsu  race around to confirm their suspicions.

They're not pissed off that their bath was interrupted because . . .
That cut was made by this super special sharp knife that they were waiting around to get sharpened! (Toriko is kind of crazy)

Oh, it's so beautiful! (Toriko's hips >_>)

Can they see it?
The young lass is not used to such studly, unclothed men however ♥
Plus they're probably dripping all over her nice clean floor.
Oh okay.



  1. It's actually revealed a little after that Melk II is a girl. (It seems we were to suppose it was a guy since the beginning. But her voice is too feminine, it gave it right at the beginning for me :/

    It's really cool to get screen caps of anime I already watched here <3
    (Obligatory MAL linking here: http://myanimelist.net/profile/Cetais )

  2. Its revealed before that that Melk II is a girl