Brave 10

Introducing Miyoshi Seikai Nyuudou!

He is from Brave 10, a fantasy anime based on the 'Sanada Ten Braves' legend.
These caps taken from episode 6.

So yeah, this dude is a beefy warrior monk who serves Buddha and likes to dine and dash--not because he's a thief, but because he's too stupid to realize monks don't get food for free.

He's also on a personal quest to find his long-lost sister!

I read somewhere that the author of this series is well known for her yaoi work so she obviously likes pretty boys, but she also included a big bara guy which is nice.

Anyway, he's a real powerhouse.

In addition, his abs can just sort of . . .

. . . pop out throwing knives. *_*
Now he's mad.
But with adorable faces like these . . .
You know he can't be evil.
Voila! It's soon revealed that his longlost sister is one of the main characters of the show. He quickly repents and repairs the damage he caused so he can join up with them.
Yep, a shirtless scene right away. But that's just the start of the manservice for this episode. You see . . .

It's an obligatory hot spring episode.

Man, anime is so trashy.

In comes Seikai.

The big guy boisterously lets it be known he hasn't had a bath in six months (ew), so he's told to purify his body first.
Under the waterfall he goes!
 Butt. *_*

Oh golly. That buttttttt.
 *cough* Where was I.

Right! Onsen scene.
As per usual in this sort of drivel, an incursion to the female side is made.
But what's this?
Seikai feels honor-bound to join in!
His large, manly form covers the whole camera. ♥
It's as if the animators wanted to show as much of his body as possible in his first episode.

Anyway, the chick being peeped on is NOT INTERESTED in any more zany fanservice-riddled hijinks. She lets loose with some ice powers!
Brave 10


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    1. When you visit my Furaffinity page!

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