Panels of Interest

So quite a while ago I embarked on a quest. To read every X-Men comic ever, right from the beginning! Considering how long the team has been around, this was understandably a huge undertaking. And I thought, why not as I went through them, to save any panels I found particularly INTERESTING?

And of course since this is a MARVEL super hero book, I can't just read one series to get the full picture. Now I also have to read New Mutants (which is actually awesome so that's fine). And because I wanted to keep following the original team as well, I had to followin them in Champions (shudder) and New Defenders (not so bad because Moondragon was there) and I know that soon it'll get even worse because X-Factor and Alpha Flight and all those individual mini-series and and and asdfgh


Let's talk about the X-Men in bondage now.

It seems to happen . . .all the time.

Especially to Angel for some reason.

He's just easily kidnapped.

NOW let's talk about Beast's hot body. Did y'all know he was totally a pro-wrestler for like, one issue?

Goddammit Hank, brains and muscles? No one has the right to be as hot as you.

Keep your eye on the birdy . . .

Hank's ass just makes a great target, I guess. (I'd hit it)

 The Juggernaut (naked)

Oh, along the way I read some early Punisher stuff too. I honestly don't even remember why. But here's some shirtless prison rape stuff.

Juggernaut in bondage.

More X-Men in bondage.

Bondage bondage.

Villains in bondage too!

Thing's rockin' bod.


*cough* Sorry, got a bit carried away there.

So Beast was in the Savage Land this one time.

And . . . you know . . . when in Rome . . .

Like Hank even needs an excuse to wear next to nothing.

Later, bondage!

Ahhh, Beast.

But now for some new X-Men! Some better X-Men.

This one time they were brain-washed and put in some crazy circus. It was crazy.

Magneto showering and looking way too hot for a man his age.

ColASSus, am I right?

Wolverine and Banshee in bondage!

Bondage bondage bondage.

Man, Banshee had a rockin' bod too. I love spandex.

More Savage Land ridiculousness.

Hahahah, oh man.

Pool time~!


How Wolverine gets spanked.

I ship them. (but in X-Men I pretty much ship everybody . . . )

Getting stripped outta their costumes by the Hellfire Club!

And . . . put in cages in their underwear. To, I presume, serve as eye candy for the White Queen.

Lady's got good taste.

Doin' sweaty yard work.

Shower scene! I THINK this is the first time Wolverine is shown totally nekkid. But, of course, it will hardly be the last.

Beast also washes up.

And Colossus in bed.

Blah blah shirtless muties blah blah

Oh, I just thought these panels were cute, hahah. It's like a Scooby Doo episode.

Beast's ass is once again too tempting . . .

Wolverine's costume is incinerated by a laser blast, but he fights on.

No really good panels of him naked though. : /


Lost opportunities . . . u_u

Speaking of Angel. That guy gets so much fanservice it's not even funny.

But we're more interested in . . . uhh, more bondage, it look like!

Good kitty.

Men who like animals are hot. FACT.

Not the first time they've been in this position.

Colossus grabbing Wolverine's ass.


Bridal style.

Lilandra totally chews out the Fantastic 4 in their underwear.

And it is then revealed . . . Xavier has a rockin' bod TOO?! Damn, I guess in comics, just . . . everyone must look sexy.

Thanks for putting up with me spamming you all with gratuitous superhero fanservice.


  1. Havok as the Goblin Prince, during Inferno, was the height of sexiness.

  2. New Defenders was crazy. I remember following them until they disbanded to make way for X-Factor. Iceman's transgendered girlfriend!

    And you left out the issue where Wolverine said Colossus needed a spanking. Or have you not gotten to that one yet?

    1. That issue hasn't happened yet, SCOTT. That's after Secret Wars!

      And yes, New Defenders! SO CRAZY! First I was all, holy shit a LESBIAN storyline in a mainstream marvel book from the 80's? Then I was HOLY SHIT A TRANSGENDER STORYLINE IN A MARVEL BOOK FROM THE 80'S?! And handled . . . well?! So cool!

      Also, Moondragon.

      Gosh but I love Moondragon.

  3. lol yeah I know kind of a while after you posted this but I haven't been able to look around in a while. Don't know if you know or not but in one of the storylines, Ultimate X-men I believe. Colossus is actually gay. I don't know every bit about it, but I think I found out that he ended up having to leave because he fell in love with one of the guys at the mansion but knew he would never be loved back. My guess, (ok maybe my hope lol) is that he fell hard for Wolvie.