Question for old school anime fans ONLY

Mr Invader (aka. Lum's dad from Urusei Yatsura) . . . does he ever appear in the show wearing less than this?

He's a real cutie.


  1. No he's not. I'v seen all the show + the movies. He's always wearing the same clothes.

    On the same way, Rei, the very cute but not-very-clever alien who what to marry Lum, got in all the show the same (but orange) skin-tight clothes. But He's also so sexy !

    I have put images of Rei here if you want to see (because on the web you won't see so manies : http://yaoi-for-ever.blogspot.jp/search/label/Urusei%20Yatsura%20yaoi

    and if you want to follow my travel in Japan, you can comme here :

    See ya !

    1. Aww, that's too bad! I was hoping for at least an onsen scene or something.

      How about Onsen-Mark, their homeroom teacher? He's rather cute as well. ;3

    2. as far as I can remind , he is never seen in nude or shirtless. Even at te swimming pool during the summer.

      But you can see all the student in swimming clothes in the latest oav : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iruWhQtOQ8&feature=relmfu

      there is a very few yaoi scene (if you want to translate them into yaoi interpretation)

  2. On the other hand, you can see a lot of nude scene with Moroboshi Ataru, but I guess you already knew ;)
    and he's not as sexy as Rei or Lum's dad !