Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was pretty much the coolest cartoon ever.

Lean green fighting machines. They were teenagers! They were turtles! They were . . . ninjas! And I can still recite the theme song! Heroes in a half-shell, turtle power!

Named after Renaissance painters! Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello!

I never did get to see the new cartoon. Or the er, even newer CG movie. A shame!

I'm more familiar with the old cartoon that I watched as a kid. A more innocent time with friendlier, more rounded turtles.

Or the live action version. (what?)

Though I hear the original comics were totally badass, so I'm kinda happy that each new animated iteration is getting progressively darker.

I'll always think fondly of them as those carefree pizza lovers though~!

Not that that's ever stopped me from porning it up with 'em. (what?)

I mean, just 'cuz they're carefree doesn't mean they don't got needs, right?

And they gotta satisfy 'em somehow.

Even if it means doing their own brothers!

Though did you know? Technically the turtles aren't even related. They were just raised as brothers. Something to think about! Or not.

Anyway, it's not like they're drowning in prospective mating partners, living in the sewers and whatnot. Gotta make do with what you've got!

But wouldn't the shells get in the way . . . ? Oh well! That's something else I don't think about.

Their sexual activities aren't limited to just their own freakish, mutated species though!
Casey Jones!

Rocksteady and Bebop!



And various . . . other life forms!

My favorite was always Don.


  1. I never thought that the rape of my childhood would feel so goddamn good. First The Tick and now this.

  2. :-)))))))))))))))))))))
    Somehow really sexy !!! :-P

  3. One damn fine sexy post... (and big!)
    Anyway, can someone explain why they all go with italian-final names (MichelangelO, LeonardO, DonatellO) but the poor Raphael-?
    Here in Belgium we never got to see all the episodes, so it may have been told once & we never knew?...

  4. Hmm, dunno B3nc0, Raphael (the painter) was Italian too though.

    According to wiki, "Raphael" is just a shortened version of his real full name, Raffaello.

  5. I sometimes really wonder where you got all this stuff from, I mean I`m collecting good turtle porn since years now and still some good parts of your collection were missing, so thank you for that.
    I think most of those I didn`t know were from Sneefee, weren`t there? Just in case you know that yourself ;-)

  6. Hey, question, do you happen to have the password for Disposition's site? 6th NSFW pic) I'd love to see his other stuff, but I don't understand Japanese and he says you can only request if you do.

    Also, more on task, TMNTurtles are just a smut classic. And everyone knows Raphael is secretly a huge bottom. Great post.

  7. I still remember the TMNT-Power Rangers Cross over episode

  8. The moment I saw Casey Jones in the TMNT cartoon remake, I had the hots for him. And damn! 2nd pic to last: Firebrand/Red Arremer. Firebrand was always such a sexy gargoyle to me, a shame there isn't any porn of him. Rule 34, I say.

  9. DUDE!

    You have GOT to see the Ninja Turtles: Forever movie they've been showing every Saturday! It brings ALL of them together I LOVED it.

    Also see the 3D movie, being able to see the Turtles go wild without those clunky costumes was a total treat.

  10. Man, backlogging like a muhfugga.

    But yeah, the turtles are all named after Renaissance artists.