Spanking Saturday

Another repost from Jockspank . . .

Bunch of guys mooning. Can you guess which one's birthday it is?

"Ooooh! The head farmer really whipped the skin off my ass!"

This punk was just taught an embarrassing lesson in front of his friends. The worst part? He knows it'll all be on youtube the next day.

After a spanking--one of the few times you'll ever be thankful the hot water's been all used up.

Impressed by how much it can still sting?

Just hanging around . . .

Naughty swimmer sent off with a hot seat . . . courtesy of his trainer and a specially modified diving suit.

The sign didn't say WHAT the butts were wanted for . . .

Skater caught after curfew.

Strip foosball, with additional penalties for losing. Only at the frat house.

"Yeah, these singlets were designed by the coach. Said that they'd help save time whenever we goof around too much . . . "

"You think THAT was bad, boy? Get those drawers down, you're gettin' the rest of this on the BARE!"

"Aw man . . . "

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