Guy Gardner

Superhero Sunnnnnnnday!
Today's "pick" is Guy Gardner. He's from the Green Lantern Corps, kind of a "jingoistic parody of an ultra-macho red-blooded American male" (according to wikipedia!) That basically just means he's a very patriotic (galactic!) twat.

See what I mean? According to my pal Scott, Guy is kinda what would happen if an asshole fratboy got ahold of some super-powers. But as we all know, macho assholes are totally sexy to me as long as they're also hot men.

. . . which Guy clearly is.

In these pages totally ripped off from Shirtless Superheroes, Guy slowly loses more and more of his clothes until he's a half-naked hunk just swinging around some alien jungle.

(this page included mostly because John Stewart looks hot in it, not Guy. Oh well!)

I love old comics. Go far enough back in their histories, and eventually you'll find a naked scene for every hero.

Sometime in the 90's I think where every comic had to suddenly be EXTREME and EDGY, Guy was reinvented as Warrior, where he got some badass(?) tattoos and wore a lot fewer clothes!

Merry Christmas, bitch.

Chillin' with Superman . . .

The incident that got me interested in his character in the first place however, was how he once mooned Batman from outer-space.
It did not disappoint!

And that's why it's also so funny that the only porn I could find of Guy involved him tossed over Bat's lap getting a spanking. >3


  1. I like this new theme.

  2. Keep up the great otk spanking scenes, it really turns us on! :)

  3. Why, I just discovered Guy on an Batman anime on Sunday! & found him MORE than interesting!! So, I'm pleased by this post, sad for the lack of porn but thrilled by the new theme!!! (I was just gonna propose a 'Sunday shaving' theme, well here goes... nothing)

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  5. Hey SoupGoblin, did you heahat Guy's going to become a red lantern during Blackest Night? I don't know why, but the thought of him tuning into a raging ball of unstoppable fury just works for me. I don't know, I might just be weird like that.

  6. I've got some amateur Guy Gardner porn for ya ;)