Security Chief

So yeah, Babylon 5 is pretty much the best sci-fi show ever (besides Farscape and, I dunno, maybe BSG?). I don't care how geeky it makes me, because the show is fucking awesome. It was all space opera fantasy sci-fi with aliens and conspiracies of light and intergalactic wars and complex characters and foreshadowing! Lots and lots and lots of foreshadowing.

But I'm sure you already know that.

But yeah, this post isn't so much about how good the show was but more about how hot I thought Michael Garibaldi (played by Jerry Doyle) was.

Which is funny! Because he's kinda old, and a bit overweight, and balding. But urrrrgh I don't care, he just had that certain "something"! Maybe it was his voice. Very matter-of-fact, very macho, very American! In space.

Anyway, he was the Chief of Security on the station and frankly was pretty crap at his job. I mean, every episode there'd be smuggled weapons and stuff just popping up. Seriously man, get on that.

But it's okay, we still love him. I mean, the place was a madhouse. A madhouse!

He also had, as Dodger once put it, a "cute butt". This was very important to me growing up.

Sometimes he would get woken up in the middle of the night and have to get out of bed all shirtless and stuff.
Then once the wacky crisis is averted, he'd get back . . . into bed!

And it seemed he was always spending lots of time in medlab with his shirt off 'cause he'd get, y'know, shot. Babylon 5. It can be a dangerous place (but it is their last, best hope for peace)

Shaving your chest is for pussies?
Putting a shirt on!
More kinky medical examinations. (or not)
See what I mean about the kinda overweight part? No matter. Ha ha!


Speaking of medical things, Doctor Stephen Franklin is probably the hottest dude on the show. Which kinda sucks because he only gets one shirtless scene that I remember.

Garibaldi has a sexy back too!
I always kinda liked his season 5 shaved-head look.

Watch where you're pointing that thing, pal.

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  1. Postings about specific characters have never made me squee before.