Recoome Boom

Oh my gosh you guys, Dragon Age 2 finally came out. Who has the time to think out a concept and collect images for a brand new blog post? . . . Time for a bunch of old DBZ screencaps!

"My name is Recoome, it rhymes with doom, and you'll be hurting all too soon."

Recoome is a member of the infamous Ginyu Force, which means he is both exceedingly evil and exceptionally good at silly poses.

They're feared throughout the universe! Recoome is the most muscular of them, but also the dumbest. A new and exciting combination!

During a fierce battle with Vegeta, Recoome is unlucky enough to have his armor crack beneath the force of the Saiyan's blows, weakening it greatly.

A few massive explosions later, and he's down to just some shredded underclothes!

This leaves some choice views of his pecs and abs exposed for the rest of the fight.

As well as . . .

his . . .

. . . !!!!!


Hahahah, yes, western readers who watched DBZ as kiddies! This is DBZ uncensored!

And since the other name for this show was Drag-On Ball Z, that means we get to see those muscle cheeks for quite a while.

Well . . .

Let's just a lot of screenshots of Recoome in his battle-damaged glory!

It should be noted nothing like this ever happens to the other characters. Normally, clothing damage only happens in socially acceptable places. But it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.


Getting a good look, Krillin?

Slowly rising . . .

Recoome fights like a beast. Not even showing mercy to little Gohan!

Teleport . . .

. . . Zing! Butt.

His teeth got blown off earlier. But it's okay. He knows a good dentist.


What's this?

A new challenger?!

Yes, it's Goku! (don't have any caps of him . . take my word for it @_@)

A few good poses ought to show him what-for.

These are some really good ones you guys.

No good, huh?

In that case, Recoome will just have to use his strongest attack EVER.

Only Goku doesn't seem to like that idea very much.

Ohh, the pain!

Slump . . .

and . . .


That's what happens to those who mess with Goku's son and buddies, biotch!

But it's okay. Even in defeat, Recoome still amazes with his beautiful rump, perfectly positioned for the next man who comes along.

Even episodes and episodes later. xD;;

That's Recoome!


  1. Recoome Ultra Fighting... *punch on stomach*
    Too bad he never finished the attack.
    Recoome is my favourite member of the G Force

  2. MAN! Dragon Ball make my taste for muscle men *3*

  3. O.O

    How do you notice these things?

    Are you...



  4. How could you, of all people, forget the Recoome Butt Attack? I mean, it literally ends with Recoome hitting his opponent with his ass! Here's a link to the image:


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  5. Recoome is my favourite DBZ character.
    I am artist, here some of my work:
    Recoome: http://sats-vanbrand.deviantart.com/art/Recoome-beats-Vegeta-514600714?q=gallery%3Asats-VanBrand%2F53868656&qo=4

    Bardock vs Freeza: http://sats-vanbrand.deviantart.com/art/Freeza-X-Bardock-519457511?q=gallery%3Asats-VanBrand%2F53868656&qo=3