Well now, let's see if we can do something about my boredom.

Cody is my favorite Street Fighter character. Even though I suck at using him, he's always my main in any game he appears in (all . . . two of them).

So I was overjoyed when he showed up in Super Street Fighter IV! It was the first we'd heard of him since Street Fighter Alpha 3.

But who is Cody, you ask?

He's from Final Fight, dawg!

For any not in the know, Final Fight is the story about how the daughter of the manliest man alive, Mike Haggar, got kidnapped by the despicable Mad Gear gang and it was up to Haggar, her boyfriend Cody, and Cody's friend Guy to go rescue her!

And they do so by taking to the streets, and beating up every single person they see. No one is safe from their roaring rampage of revenge! Also, they eat food they find in the trash. It was crazy.

With his boy-next-door looks and plain t-shirt and jeans, some might call his Final Fight design "generic". And . . . yeah, I guess it totally is.

But it just serves to contrast with his demeanor later on! He started out so clean-cut (or so we were lead to believe)

But who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man? (The Shadow knows)

When he emerged in the Street Fighter series as a playable character, he was changed.

He'd done time. He'd grown addicted to violence, and constantly got into fights in order to get off. Instead of a fighter for justice, he'd turned into an anti-hero.

And it made him completely fascinating (to me!). Just what caused Cody to fall from grace so far? What crimes had he committed? He was so casually bitter about it all. He'd escaped from jail and didn't give two shits about about anyone else. He'd broken up with Jessica, turned away from his old friend Guy, and in short was kind of a douche.

And, even more strikingly, he'd also turned fucking hot!

I think it's the skin-tight prison wardrobe that does it?

It clings in all the right places. Do they even make outfits like that anymore for convicts?

He's best in SSFIV. He was hot in Alpha 3 too, but the suit wasn't as tight back then. Maybe it shrunk in the wash between games.

He's a man of contradictions. He fights dirty, but leaves his handcuffs on during his matches. At first I thought he leaves them to give himself a handicap, borne out of some last vestiges of honor he had left. But it's pretty clear that their presence doesn't impede his skills at all while he's wailing on you. The sad truth is, he leaves them on because he think he deserves to be locked up. Oh Cody.

You jail bird.

So yeah, he's basically tied with Joe Higashi for my favorite fighting game character. Which is crazy, because Cody's not hot-blooded at all! Maybe it's the little smartass quips he gives. Or because he can also make tornadoes with his uppercuts. Or maybe it's just that bored look in his eyes.

His alternate outfit is pretty cool too. He returns to his white shirt and jeans look, but this time the shirt is sleeveless so you can better admire his muscles.

He also sports some hardcore tats. Did he get them in the slammer?

I like.

Even though he hasn't shown any interest in reconciling with straight-laced ninja buddy Guy, that doesn't stop the slash fandom from pairing them a lot. (so cute!)

In marked contrast to how it usually works in bara pairings, it's Guy getting molested most of the time instead of the bigger Cody.

Though Guy does get a nice feel now and then.
Just what did he learn while in prison, anyway?!

. . . oh.



  1. Your best topic yet, Cody is one of the most sexiest male fighters in the Street Fighter series.

  2. I'm surprised you didn't add that pic by that whore on Y!gallery, Jubell

    (I can't stand that slut)

    But I love this post!!!
    I think the Hun made prisoner sex hot to me...I don't know. ^^;

  3. that was fun. hope you get bored more often, muah!

  4. WHAAAAH!! CODY!!! I absolutely LOVE your blog, SoupGoblin! I should feature it soon and visit more often=D <3<3

    Lotsa Hugs!

  5. And I thought I was the only one turned on by Cody's Skin-Tight jail outfit. His pecs look amazing when he wins a fight in Super Street Fighter IV :D!

  6. I know! The only thing that could improve it is if you could see his nipple outlines (because it totally looks like you should)

  7. pleeeeeeease, make a post with RYU !!!

    he's so cute <___<

    and thx for updating the blog :)

  8. I like Cody but I HATE Street Fighter in 3D.

  9. Absolutely love this post!
    I remember about 5-6 years ago, I found a SF doujin, that features Cody and a girl (ugh, I forget the title, but its from one of the best KoF/SF doujin circle ever. The one that did Athena and Friends series, KoF 2001-2006 and lots of others)

    Even as a fag, I fap countless times to that doujin.

    ps: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-1ZH6uTZRFWA/TXOHssoUaUI/AAAAAAAAXIw/ae0ROdvFf14/s1600/14357261_p1.jpg

    Please, please, please, could you upload a zip solely for all of this artist artworks? The pic, the color, the hotness, its all in the highest degree!!