Who's up fer a brewski?

I'll be honest here. I don't personally imbibe for personal "dad was an alcoholic" reasons.

Plus the idea of night spent with the end-result of passing out with a hangover for later just isn't too appealing to me. (lol)

But there definitely is something to the allure of hot straight dudes with beer.

It always seems to lead to such interesting situations.

It can be good for bonding, too!

Who hasn't seen heard buddies proclaim, "I love you, man" to each other while drunk off their ass?

And what's that saying about the difference between a gay and a straight man? I believe the answer is "six beers"?

And then the cans themselves are always good for . . . comparison purposes.

Not to mention the other places they can get to.

(everyone drink responsibly!)


  1. It looks like that last guy got slapped on the ass whilst his bottle was inserted (verily I sayeth)

  2. drink responsibly or the bottle may end up to your ass... a great commercial for tv very convinicing!!!

  3. some bad ass cuties

  4. @ Jubell> I think those look more like scratches.

    @Soup Goblin> Lol good joke! SIX BEERS! That might be a good strategy xD. But still...

  5. haha i have a lot to thank beer for...like getting put in a headlock by a hot sailor...
    now that my bro roomies have started taking me to their kind of parties, it's only a matter of time before the six beer hypothesis is tested!

  6. I like all the pictures but the first one it's just... Woof!
    I love bears.

  7. @yukito86 yeah, he is cute ^^

    but i LOVE the nr. 4 pic with the cuty chubby-guy :D he looks reaaaaaaaaly cute ^^