Revisitation: One Piece

As must always happen once I make initital posts on a subject, further art is still created afterward. Or perhaps I simply locate a hidden cache. Either way, it becomes necessary to revisit certain topics. To keep up-to-date.

Let's return to the world of One Piece, sea-faring butt-pirates.

Shall Zoro go first?

Zoro shall.

Remember when I said I didn't like ZoroxSanji?

I kinda changed my mind.

Who's next, Franky? Sounds good.

Now for some hot Smoker action.

And a few misc to wrap things up.


  1. I so bad would love to be fuck by Sanji or Franky, ciao

  2. surprised there's still no Whitebeard stuff out there with all the obvious "daddy/son" thing with all his crew

    and we need some Sengoku love here too...who thought he would have a body :p

  3. Zoro sometimes is interpreted quite hot but it depends.
    I like 2 pics of this post.

  4. i would like to see some luffy stuff with franky zolo or sanji or ace