This hunk is from the Ys video game series. They are action RPGs like old-school Zelda, except instead of swinging your sword around you have to walk into enemies and hope it sticks in!

I talk as if I know, but actually I've never played a Ys game. They were rather infamous back in the day for not getting released in the states, and even when they were I don't think it was for any consoles that I actually owned.

My loss, because who doesn't love some heroic fantasy? Also these games are supposed to have the best soundtracks in THE WORLD?

Anyway, this here is Dogi. He is the trusted friend and companion of main character Adol, and also a total beefcake.

He is know for his great skill at crushing walls.

I'd seen fanart of him before and always figured he must be from one of the Fire Emblems, because he kinda has that look to him y'know?

But nope! All Ys.

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  1. Dogi ?! I never thought of him in such way, but why not ?