Where I'm At

So the posts have been a mite slow here lately, but it's not because I've been slacking off from the internet or anything. On the contrary! I am more sites than ever! I am like a very thin crust on a very large pastry.

So where have I been posting?

Welllll, in addition to my regular tumblr . . .

. . . which is mostly pictures like this--screencaps of hunky anime/videogame/comic men, and random stuff I reblog) I also now have . . . a personal tumblr!

(if you can guess the reference I'll give you a cookie)

7 Notes of Music. Which exists to give me an outlet for non-pornopraphic thoughts. Because believe it or not, sometimes I get tired of always talking about porn.


Also, I have yet anther tumblr, a third one! This one called, er, SpankoMorphs!

aaaand we're back to the porn

This one is dedicated to the, literally, hundreds of pictures I've photomorphed over the years into silly spanking mini-comics. I've made them for personal enjoyment and for sharing with friends mostly, but have now decided to release them to the public as well! So anyone with a male spanking fetish or who just enjoys grown men in pain and/or just chagrined and embarrassed should totally check it out~

I've also made a profile on GaymerConnect. GUYS! There is a social networking site for LGBT videogame addicts. WHY DID NO ONE EVER TELL ME????

It is also closely linked to the GaymerX convention, which looks SO AWESOME and I'd dearly love to travel to but, alas, one convention a year is all my budget can handle. (more on that below)

'Oni Games' by Rubensum

I'm also still most active of all on my Furaffinity page, where I write dirty stories about muscular, multi-colored oni. I've made so many friends there! The best of whom, I am soon going on a little trip with to . . .

Spartan '300' cosplayers. I'm told they are regular visitors. No, that's not the only reason I'm going!

DRAGON*CON! Oh man you guys. This is gonna be so much fun and I've been trying to save money all year for it and it's all me and my friends talk about and it's gonna be GREAT. It's held at the end of August, and I know it's kinda late now to make arrangements, but if anyone else happens to be going and you wanna make plans to meet up, just let me know, through email or comment!

And that's pretty much where I'm at. :]


  1. Oh! I wish I could go to Dragoncon so bad >.<

    It's like...in the state right above me and everything (even if it's gazillion hours away). But then I need a room and all the close ones are gone and all this stuff >.>

    I need to plan for a con where I can be close to the action and then gather up roomies for it.

    1. Aye! I'm lucky and have friends who got everything set up practically at the end of *last* year's con, and are abducting me into *their* hotel room. But by this point all free rooms are probably totally gobbled up. :0

      If this trip goes well however, I may make it a yearly thing, in which case . . . perhaps NEXT YEAR?