Tending Bar

So I started watching Trigun recently. (Yeah, I know I'm a bit late. Shut up!)

But in the first episode . . . there is a hunky bartender.

A very hunky bartender.

Did I mention he was hunky?

Because he totally is.
Less than a minute of screen time total. But apparently enough to capture my heart.


  1. Oh, wow. Those arms. I definitely wouldn't mind watching an entire episode (no, wait... a whole series!) starring him!

  2. Oh. My. God. I watched Trigun awhile ago and I totally thought the SAME thing. I never knew someone else felt the same way!!!!

  3. If you don't need a lot of screen time, then you would probably appreciate Hagel from the Atelier Iris series x3

  4. Holy crab~! Never seen this guy before! He really is amazing~!