Saturday Night Slam Masters

aka. Muscle Bomber: The Body Explosion!

Released in the early 90s by Capcom, it was a wrestling game that also had some ties to the Street Fighter franchise! It was also unbearably homo-erotic because, I mean, wrestling game.

Character design were done by the man behind Fist of the North Star, Tetsuo Hara.

Just stockpiled to the rafters with beefy, muscly goodness.

For more information I'd recommend Hardcore Gaming 101!

And also this Bears in Games vid. x3

While we're at it, this awesome animated TV commercial I found!

So yeah, Muscle Bomber.


Oh Haggar, you can pound me any day.

There's also a bunch of other dudes.

Like Biff Slamkovich, Russian wrestler who is close, personal friends with Zangief!

And Gunloc, aka. Lucky Colt, Biff's rival. He is Guile's brother in some continuities! He and Biff  trained together under Haggar. :3

The game also sports a plethora of other beefcakes.

My favorite however is this guy here, Rip Saber. And for a very simple reason which I'll get to in just a moment. u_u

He's not from the first game, but rather the sequel, which dumped the wrestling gameplay for more of a straightforward fighting game engine. Not as much fun, sadly. But we got a few new characters! (also, check out Haggar giving Lucky Colt a noogie up there, awww, so cute)

Anyway, the simple reason I like Rip Saber best? Well . . .

He wears a backless costume to wrestle in that shows a great deal of ass cleavage.

Yeah, it's as simple as that!

Screencaps graciously contributed by Lucky Stallion of Barbaric Brawn! (who is awesome, and you should all go read his blog if you like hunky barbarians and wrestlers and orcs and Greek gods and huge naked guys. u_u)

Where were we? Ah yes, Rip Saber.

It takes quite a man to wrestle while exposing such a luscious target.

He probably gets lots of catcalls and surprise spanks in the ring, I'm guessing.

Muscle Bomber!


  1. Aww, thanks, man! That's really nice of you!

    They really, really need to do an HD version of this game. @_@ And with all of the characters from the second. Would be awesome to have different endings depending on which characters and federations win in the end, too.