Fantasies Final

 It's Final Fantasy's turn for a catch-up mega-post!

Aw yeah! Here we go.

Oh of course we missed ya, Wakka!


 We missed you . . . a lot . . .  *__*

Ahem! We missed other guys too!

Aw screw it, let's just get to the Wakka porn.

Yeah, show us those blitzballs.

 Tan lines. *__*

Wakka and Shoma. Just two jocks messin' around~

Didn't we just see this one in the last post? HMMMM.

Pushing it in.


Who's up next? Kimahri?

That works for me. :D

Run, Ronso, run!

With a Red XIII

 Ooh, and Ifrit too!

That's the type of summoning action I can get behind.

Sometimes the other ronso aren't so nice to "little" Kimahri.

Or maybe they're very nice? It's hard to say . . .

So that's Kimahri!

Who's next? AW YEAH some demon action!

Ifrit, the fiery devil summon!

He's hot hot hot.

 And he gets ALL the tail.

So that's Ifrit!

How about some more monster cuties~?


Okay, enough hunks. This is an FF post, and we all know what makes FF sell is the pretty boys. ;__;

But they can be hot too!

Who is this guy? Is he FFV's Butz, redesigned for Dissidia? Or is he someone from FFII or FFIII? HE'S IN MY FINAL FANTASY FOLDER SO HE MUST BE FROM FINAL FANTASY.

Oh it's that chicken wuss

With the perfect butt.

I prefer ketchup on my hotdogs. :X

Ride 'em cowboy~

Zell wears a jockstrap, CANON.

ZOMG! Bunansa-cest!

Mr. 33 Cm

Oh Snow, let me count the ways I hate your hair in XIII-2.

 (seriously, the hat was better)

Motorcycle sex~
OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS! I have a bunch of Sabin pictures this time.

Which is awesome, because Sabin is the best.

Ultros! :0

So happy I had lots of Sabin~ :3

Let's wrap this up, who's left? Barret?

Barret with both arms. O_o

Cait Sith, you rascal!


Auron's hole.


This random guy from FFIX.
Cid Highwind!

And there we go dudes and dudettes.

This was how you do a Final Fantasy mega-post.

Come back next week for posts that are much shorter!

Final Fantasy.


  1. Oh, man. Wakka, Zell, Sabin, and even Ifrit -- which I criminally didn't even know existed in bara porn form! What a hot collection, thanks for sharing 'em!

    It always amused me how thick the sexual tension was between Zell and Seifer. They make a hot couple. They just needed to fuck and get it over with.

    And damn, man, that Wakka pic by Mi O... Plump, shiny, pink man ass just does things to me.

  2. Final Fantasy is awesome, and Sabin the first bara character ;D

  3. You used my Zell/Seifer commision! yay!

  4. Excellent post. =) Also: yep, that image was Butz/Bartz as redesigned for Dissidia! We need more Bartz Bara.