Panels of Interest (part 2)

So as I'm sure you've all noticed, I've really been slacking on the posts lately. SORRY. It's just that I've been occupied by other things lately. And I'm also one of those people who, once I feel guilty about neglecting something, henceforth avoid it like the dickens. So my guilt over neglecting the blog lead me to avoid the thing, leading to an even longer period or no posts, leading to even more guilt! It was a vicious cycle.

But we'll see if we can change all that with another long-winded post on X-Men. By the time I'm done, you're all going to wonder why you missed this in the first place!

To recap, I've been on a mission for almost a year now to read every X-Men comic ever published. And because I'm me, I'm also taking 'caps as I go of hunky moments. Let's check on my progress!

Also, around this time New Mutants started running alongside X-Men. New Mutants never had a cartoon for me to watch as a kid, so most of the characters other than Cannonball were totally new to me. And they're sort of all awesome. :D

Anyway, this one time they were chained up mostly naked with the intent of forcing them to be Roman gladiators.

The topic of spanking seems to come up around Sunspot a lot, which is fine with me because he's the hunkiest of the lot. Though sadly still a TEENAGER at this time (don't worry--he'll grow up)

Elsewhere, Wolverine is shirtless in the pages of Daredevil.

Oh, so then Secret Wars happened. Where every sentence ended in an exclamation point. Since X-Men were tangentially involved, I had to read this too. Ben Grimm got turned into his hunky human self again!

There were hot, shirtless villains running around.

Mostly I'm all sorta into Ben Grimm.

Captain America getting out of bed . . .

Doc Oc getting tied up in his own tentacles--hot? (yes)

Hulk in briefs!

Oh, comics.

Back to more worthwhile things. X-Men!

Wolverine posits that Colossus needs a spanking. Sounds good to me!

Colossus and Juggernaut then flirt, but sadly nothing comes of it.

In New Mutants, Bobby goes skinny dipping,

Somehow a towel appears.

Wolverine in fundoshi.

Black Tom ripping through his clothes when he gets part of Juggernaut's powers . .. 

Iceman changing clothes and putting on a show!

You don't realize it so much when he's iced up, but his 'costume' doesn't really have much to it, does it . . .

Anyway, he has parent issues.

Iceman, Iceman, Iceman

Confessing his love to Hercules (awww)

Sunspot and Colossus wearing tiny briefs together . . .

Iceman, Beast, and Angel adorably reunite under the New Defenders.

Iceman "pretends" to be gay.

Angel takes a shower!

Warren Worthington III, providing ze beefcake.

In New Mutants, these two people were changed by a demon bear into Native Americans (they were white before) so they had to join Xavier's school? And then nothing was done with their storyline ever again. @_@

Colossus must wreck so many of his outfits.

Tentacle bondage.

Nightcrawler has an Errol Flynn poster. :D

Colossus at the beach~

Dazzler being sassy like she is!

More outfit rippage.

Heehee, peekaboo~

Sunspot wearing another interesting outfit.

When Colossus himself isn't destroying his clothes, they're getting burned off him.

New Mutants' turn for a beach trip!

Warlock and Doug Ramsey. I'm pretty sure they were an item.


Cannonball what are you wearing.

Wolverine, what are you wearing.

So many crazy outfits.

Locker room.

Shirtless baseball!

Magneto notes that Wolverine needs a spanking. (FACT)

Also, Logan sleeps naked. :3

Magneto: surprisingly good looking in the shower!

I think we're up to X-Factor now. The five original X-Men reunite!

Too bad I consider them entirely boring outside of Beast. (Ah Hank, ever the exhibitionist)

While I hate Scott, I must admit he has a nice butt.

Warren rocking a robe and . . . briefs?


More X-Butts.

Wolverine has his flashback of being a naked savage.

While in X-Factor, more fanservice happens.

Locker room scene.

Goddammit Scott's gorgeous ass.

This is how you train as a team.

By this point I was just basically taking a cap every time Beast was drawn. Hey, it's not my fault he's the sexiest member of the team!

In New Mutants we get some crazy fem dom.

More naked Wolverine.

Annnnnd, back to Beast.


Oh, Beast was turned back into a human a few issues ago in case you've all been really confused about the lack of blue fur.

Yet more X-Men on vacation.

Oh . . . my . . .

Doug is afraid everyone will see the boner he's getting at standing next to Sunspot and Cannonball.


PRETTY sure he's not wearing anything under it

Griz Urso is another mutant, a Russian who can turn himself into a bear. When he turns back human though, he's apparently naked? I sort of need to find more books with him in them to see if this happens a lot.

Oh look, Longshot joined the team.

. . . Pretty sure I took this cap just because Wolverine and mohawk Storm kissing is the best thing ever.

Wolverine saves the day in a way that involves nudity. WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED.

Later he is gangraped.

Did someone say they wanted more shirtless Hank?

Soooo cute asdfgh


Oh, and here is Captain Britain, future member of Excalibur.

His clothes tend to get shredded a lot too.

Naked and captured . . .

Those girls need to leave that poor boy alone!

X-Men in Australia!

Colossus fightin' demons~

To be continued . . .


  1. Ooooh yes ! Human Beast and Australia Colossus !

  2. Scott Summers > All.

    1. You have to admit, no matter how dusshy Scott is, his ass is really yummy.

  3. I had totally forgotten how well the first artist for X-Factor drew everybody's butts. They were quite a sight. Jon Byrne drew some nice X-Butts in his time as well.

    I was extremely disappointed that Colossus didn't get a spanking back then. But he did fill out those khaki's nicely in that fight.

    1. I know! Just round, beefy, muscular butts as far as the eye can see!

      And there is always our imagination for that Colossus spanking. Oh yes there is . . .

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    I've been following your fabulous blog for awhile. I love it, thank you for taking the time to put it together so nicely. I'm a discerning X-men fan and I think you've chosen the best segments the X-universe offered in terms of X-male beauty. I have a blog with similar themes let me know if you'd like to check it out.