Osu!! Karate Bu

A show that features muscled men in karate gi.

Rods . . .

. . . and the asses that get punished by them.

This is Osu!! Karate Bu! A series about a bunch of juvenile delinquents in a karate club.

And in true oldschool style, newcomers to the club have to go through some vigorous hazing.

Better watch out!

The real star of this series is Tagaki, who fills a sort of Takamura-esque role in the club.

He's the hot shirtless one.

Hands tucked casually in pants.

He gets shown in states of undress the most, which is nice.

Such as requisite "shirtless in bandages" scenes after especially hard fights.

But the best time . . .

Was when he showed up to club with his gi randomly on backwards.

(he was in a lovestruck daze at the time, which explains it!)

But anyway.

To fix his clothes, we gotta get him out of them first.


 The whole club faceplants as Tagaki gets bare-ass'd!

This calls for only one thing.

A literal butt kicking.

Anyway, the manga is actually way more explicit about the hazing stuff.

 Like all the guys having to jerk off together(!!!!!)

And other . . . things.

It's kind of LIKE that.

Osu!! Karate Bu


  1. Very nice! Where can I get a copy of the manga and anime?