Fairy Tail

This is a post about Fairy Tail!

 That series that's sorta like One Piece, except way sleazier and not as enjoyable!

This is Natsu! His job (other than being hot-blooded and the main character) is to wear an open vest and show off his awesome abs 24/7.
 Sometimes he is also drawn pretty muscular. Nice!

 I'm more into Gray though. He's Natsu's rival, which means there's a lot of slash art of them together.

The thing that sets him apart from the typical shonen guy though . . .

. . . is his propensity to strip naked at the slightest excuse. Yeah, I dunno, he does it a LOT.

 It even happened during his first appearance!

 Though that time Natsu was the shorts-stealing culprit!

Yes, Natsu canonically enjoys stripping his rival in public ♥ I like their relationship, it gives off a nice KibaNaru vibe.

Most of the time though he does it on his own.

 He just doesn't realize it's happened.

. . . until it's too late.

 Silly Gray!
 In another scene he did it on a boat, to escape the heat, you see!

Anime version! (I think the manga was hotter here . . . )

 But anyway.

 Surely Fairy Tail has other male characters who off some skin?

. . . o-of course it does!

Oh! Elfman! I know this guy's name!

He is the manliest, I feel.

And though you can't see it here, his underwear of choice is fundoshi, which is always solid.

 Lucy also has a couple buff furries she can summon~

 . . . this guy!

 This guy, too!

(help me out here, Fairy Tail fans, I only read the first couple volumes)

Okay, let's switch it up.

Let's just show some fanart and call it a day!

Natsu with macro dick.

 Fairy Tail!


  1. The Furry one is actually called Panther Lily, and he is not summoned by Lucy. :)

    Blond guy is Laxus Dreyar, imho, hottest Fairy Tail character. Along with Elfman and Gajeel Redfox.

  2. Yeah the blonde dude is Laxus, his father is an evil prick and his grandfather is the guild master of Fairy Tail. He's got lightning magic powers.

    AND I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DON'T ENJOY FAIRY TAIL?! We're like opposites. I actually enjoy the characters in Fairy Tail much more than in One Piece.

    Maybe it's the Virgo in me loving the idea of organization...And the outfits. And Erza! She's SO badass!

  3. How could you mistakenly label Laxus as Elfman. ;A;

    Fairy Tail has some of the hottest (Laxus), manliest (Laxus), and muscular (Laxus) anime guys.

    So little porn though. D:

  4. what's that banner shot from? the manga one where one guy is rubbing his face into another guys cock while he wears a fandoshi?

  5. Fairy Tail is really a super great animé ! And Grey is often naked, because when training in controlling ice, his master forced him to not wearing clothes in order to "make one" with the cold and the ice. and he keep this manner until.

    Your images are really greatfull ! and super hot. my day is beginnig greatfully ^^

  6. oh ! you have forgotten Taurus, a fight spirit controlled by Lucy, he's so hot and sexy. You have put only one image from him but he's sexy (and pervert ) really all the time. you should find images of taurus spirit really easily ^^

  7. HAHAHA you should read more of it its really awesome, Anyways the blounde hottie with the awesome sexy tattoo is Laxus, hes the hottest guy in the world (plus hes kinda psycho at first wich for me its the biggest turn on, i love em badass and insane) the cat is Panther Lilly, hes a flying cat like Happy that can transform into a big version of himself.You should look up Gajeel redfox, hes a hunk too!!

  8. With all of these comments I WAS reminded that - Fairy Tail has a ton of muscular men...

    In fact the creator outright admitted that he often buffs people up because he has difficulty drawing slender guys (it'd be different for the anime because...yeah. On-model design)

    He also admitted that, while the manga has a lot of T&A, that he has the guys stripping quite a bit to appeal to female readers (because women...love guys stripping. And...that's not exactly wrong...but I guess he didn't think about "teh geys")

  9. I really like fairy tail. the creater of rave master did a good job on this one. im hoping to see further episodes of the anime soon.

  10. I WOULD be the series I actively dislike that gets the most comments when I post on it... *grumble grumble*

    You youngins...!

  11. Christ, what is up with his butt in that one screencap? Talk about bad art/anatomy

  12. What about Simon during the Tower of Heaven arc. Manly, 3/4 clothed and a soft heart. triple check right there!

  13. So hot. Especially Grey, Natsu and Locke.
    But I'm beginning to like Laxus more after that...
    Thank you

  14. Wheres Jellal? I want to see some Jellal

  15. Good post cept fairy tail is way better than one piece in everything, instead of just saying stuff drop evidence.

    1. I would but it's kinda hard to find evidence for subjective opinions.

  16. Very good art work they all look very sexy