Kyle Hyde

You guys, Hotel Dusk was already like one of the best DS games ever, right? Right! Well, now it's sequel Last Window is even better (IMO).

Though to get it, you'll have to import. (or pirate it, I guess) Dumb NoA! It's kinda totally worth it though if you're a fan.

And of course, Kyle Hyde returns as the hunky dreamboat noir main character. He's an ex-detective salesman who's not really all about daisies or sunshine and owns a bunch of jazz records. He's got a cute little scruffy beard, and a no-nonsense demeanor.

Also, in the second game you get to see his sexy bare back about once a chapter. HOLY SHIT, OFFICIAL KYLE FANSERVICE!

For the uninitiated, gameplay in the Hotel Dusk series in done by holding the DS sideways, with characters appearing on each screen. It's almost like holding an interactive book. Progressive!

Though I guess for some parts you can turn it the other way again.

Let's see some fanart!

Showering Hyde~

With Louie. Yeah, baby!

The more popular fan pairing from the first game seems to be Kyle and Jeff Angel though.



Now to wait on some Hyde/Tony fanart from Last Window. I'm sure it won't be long!


  1. SO CUTE!!!
    I love the way he looks!

    Someday I must play this game.

  2. Kyle/Tony is so obvious ! There's some dialogs in this game, you just can't think about something else than "are these two fuck-buddies or what ?! O_o"

  3. What do you mean by having to import it? Is it not available in America?

    I'm in England and i've seen both Hotel Dusk and it's sequel being sold.