November Guest Month!

Okay, so here's the dilly-o.

November is National Novel Writing Month, that time of year when writers of all kinds rush to finish 50,000 words in thirty days! It's a big push for those of us who are too lazy to ever actually finish anything and I've just happened to have had a story in my head for almost a decade now that I'd really like to tell. I've been wanting to enter for the last few years, but something's always come up that prevented me.

Which brings us to THIS year!

Since I don't have much free time these days, I'd really like to focus as completely as I can on this motherfucker. This means I will be taking a break from blogging for the month of November. That's right, that means no new posts from me! Does that mean the Stash will be dead for that whole time? Well, that depends partially on you . . .

What I propose is this. I lay all the work on you, the readers! Have you always secretly lusted after my position? Have you always wanted the Stash to post on a particular topic or show, fetish or genre, but that fucking Croup guy never got around to it or just flat-out ignored your suggestion? (what a jerk!) In short, have you ever just wanted to do your own 'Stash post? This is your chance to shine!

Same goes if you're an artist, or otherwise creative sort. Send me a portfolio of your most erotic works! We'll give you some extra exposure, baby. Don't be shy!

So yes, please email me any images you may choose, any thoughts you may have, and I'll throw them up here for all to see! Pretty much anything goes, but obviously try and stick within the bounds this blog's already set for itself. I retain the right to refuse to post whatever I don't like~ In return you get, um, a link back from me in the post itself? My undying gratitude? Good karma? Possibly a rough draft of a novel by December? There's only one way to find out . . . By jumping in head first! ;____;


  1. Hey! what an Awsome Idea! And I totally understand. I hope you can finish in time for the contest! :D

  2. Good luck! Buena suerte! Удачи! がんばってね!

    You're already doing better than me, lol. I give up before even trying. I just know that I won't even come close to finishing it because I'm both lazy and easily distracted, so it's pointless lol

  3. You're doing NaNoWriMo too? That's so cool. This'll be my 4th year and I've gotten to 50K the other 3 times. I just hope I can do it again this year.


  5. Awesome, another nano-ite and my favorite blogger! I'm going on 5k words already, don't lose hope no matter what!

  6. haha you're awesome Croup! great idea! im interested to see what people have to post, but i doubt they can top the one and only croup