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[transcripted from the sweet mail he sent me!--Soup] Your reminding us of the deadline got me off my butt.

In a salute to that horse-styled, arrow-headed astrological sign, I'm gonna share some of my favorite Centaurs.

Yes that's my head, but the rest is all slammed together from other bits. Thank you Photoshop.

Centaurs are just big, hot guys with two more appendages to get them in trouble. You can see this in some classical statues from Ancient Rome.

Our favorite Strongman and lover of boys, men and women, Herakles, is discussing the price of Centauran wine from the local Centaur Vintner.
But get the big guy a little drunk and he's back to being a lover.

A common form the ancients used for the four legged hunks have us believe they're simply a blend of Man and Horse. But if you've ever taken a ride on a horse or a man before, you know there's nothing simple about either one.

Here's a more modern version of Cheiron teaching a young Achilles to shoot a bow and arrow.

The same subject from the French 1800's, by Eugene Delacroix is a nice one too.

During the Dark Ages, the Magyar people were often mistaken for Centaurs as they drove home a point or two of their own. Today there are Hungarian Games that show those skills, but this Hunk had an unfair advantage of not needing the horse. He still won.

And last but not least, the seldom mentioned Bucentaur. Half Man, half Bull. I guess he didn't get much negative press from the humans, since who in their right mind, would want to piss off a guy that big?

Well there you have a few of my favorite images of the Sagittarian Breed. I hope ya liked this and it gets others to share their favorite Nature Boy images.

[thank YOU, Dymandbolt!]

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  1. So ultra cool. WOOOF. Mega hairy muscle hugs of thanks for sharing.