Jensen Ackles aka. that one hot guy from Supernatural. His character is named Dean--which really fucked me up because the actor who plays his brother on the show, Sam, played a character named Dean on Gilmore Girls. So it was like double Deans. Pick a different name, you guys!

But I digress.

Far be it from me to say, but he's a bit of a hot momma.
When he's not like, y'know, hunting down demons or whatev.

Iif you type his name into google image search, this is the first pic.

Never really got into the show, but one of my friends is super crazy about it. Maybe one day . . .

I'm about 99% sure this is a fake, but goddammit, it's spot-on like how I imagine his ass would really look. Dx


  1. .....He looks like an FTM in those cowboy hat pics.

  2. Oh GOD, Supernatural. That's all I'm saying.

    (I can tell stories about that fandom. Or I can provide links. Quite a few SPN fans are...how shall I say this...very invested in Sam and Dean. And Jared and Jensen.)

    That said, Jensen IS hot.

  3. sure the last one is fake... but helps my imagination a lot^^

  4. Damn, I always loved the hell outta Dean.

    Totally-imagined-his-rugged-Dad-givin-him-frequent-ass-beatins, but what do you expect from me?