Superhero Sunday is back! And what better way to do it, plus make up for the lack of a Furry Friday this week than by featuring X-Men's Beast?

My favorite version of him was always the Uncanny one, where his body was more gorilla-like and he wore that super-skimpy speedo. He was just miles of big, thick muscle and blue fur.

Oh, how he set my loins afire as a boy. x3

Beneath his monstrous exterior however, resides the soul of a poet. As well as a scientist, linguist, doctor, and whatever other intellectual requirement the team needs at any given time. That's right, he's got brains and brawn. Also, he's a total sweetheart and I want him to be my boyfriend. u_u


Despite his appearance being the main source of Beast's angst through the years, I think he's a closet exhibitionist or something. Because, geez, way to cover as little of your body as possible there, McCoy.

In the new comics he covers up more (blasphemy!) but at least his big blue butt still looks good in spandex.

And he was even totally hot before the freak lab accident or whatever gave him his fur. Although he was still pretty hairy beforehand too. ♥

Yup, Beast is some hot stuff. Visually dynamic, too! Always bouncing around clinging to things with his feet and whatnot.

Blow-drying all that fur must be a real pain though.

He was kinda super-hot in the old 90's cartoon, too. (which will always be my favorite X-Men canon. ALWAYS)

But anyway, what usually goes in this blog? Porn? Well, if you say so!
That big buff body, plus those sophisticated nerdy glasses. He's like the perfect combo of muscle and intellect.

Beast at the beach, modeling his new X-Thong~
The artist Hellboy shares my love for the big blue mutie, and shares it in his usual way--tentacle raping him thoroughly.

Who else has the hots for Hank?



All of them and more, my friends. All of them and more.


  1. I always fond of the fuzzy Hank McCoy, even if I didn't fully understand why at the time. Never really liked his cat mutation though.

  2. I miss the old series. Sure, it had the least sensical continuity of any series that tried to have continuity and I'm still bitter they never brought back Iceman after his one episode but it was gold. It even had Northstar! With lines! I always liked Beast, he's one of the few purely physical characters I've ever really liked. Kinda funny how the original X-men were all such hotties when they grew up. XD

    Also, he wasn't turned blue and furry in a lab accident, he did it to himself. He made this formula that enhanced his powers but made him animalistic and furry but had to be reversed within a certain time or would be permanent and he went over the time limit.

  3. as far as i know, colossus is gay, so that image is not far from reality ;P