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Hey guys! How's everyone been in the... err... three years since I posted last? Boy, time sure does fly! I've been pretty good, thanks for asking. Still writing, still kicking, and still perving over dumb buff cartoon men.

In fact, the reason I'm posting today is I've opened up a patreon that combines a few of those interests! For only a single dollar a month (though you're of course welcome to give more) you get access to erotic m/m spanking stories by me, a month before they're posted anywhere else. You also get to vote on the subject of each story. And even suggest your own!

For instance, here's the poll I just drew up for October:

It's something I'm just starting, and I'm eager to see how it goes. So give it a look, if you like! I'd appreciate any and all support.

Check it out here, at: Manicorn Fiction

Oh, and if you'd like to follow me on regular social media, I'm mostly on twitter these days, so you can check me out there too!:  TheManlyUnicorn


  1. nine years ago i discovered this blog.
    many times a week used to visit it, to see, and jerk off, to the content in it.
    i grew up with this, and so i knew i was gay because of you, and your posts. awkwardly, i remained faithful to this blog.
    i never left a comment before, because i wanted to be hidden, but after all, i guess i have to thank you.
    thanks for everything you've done indirectly. hahaha.
    regards, @mikelloggs.

  2. I haven't been updated but, is there a sequel to thr clash of the alphas?