Also, an Auction!

While we're on the subject of hot oni, over on FurAffinity me and my best friend Maryn are doing an auction together: Trespassers Get Fucked!! Yes that's right! Winner will get a story from me, and a piece of artwork from her! It ends Saturday night, so plenty of time to look it over, make an account if you don't already have one (be sure to enable adult settings~), and place a bid if you so wish!

That is, if you want to roughhouse with big, burly muscle demon ogres, who'll use and abuse your sorry hole until they grow bored of it and dump your ass back home, so stretched you have to walk with a limp for days . . . x3

Ahem! But regardless if you wish to place a bid or not, here's the flavor text from the FA submission:

The Oni Realm. A dark, barbaric land inhabited by the most savage and lustful of beasts . . . the demon ogres known as Oni.

It is also a realm of wild magic. Once every century, when the moons and the stars align just so, a mystic portal opens into this forbidden dimension. Any individuals unfortunate enough to be caught and sucked through the opening are consigned to remain there for a day and a night before being whisked to where they came from . . . though assuredly much worse for wear. Oni are highly guarded when it comes to their turf, and don’t take kindly to intruders. Shredded clothing, pronounced limps, and forever after blushing at the sight of tigerskin are just a few of the many troubles victims might suffer following their traumatic ‘visit’.

It just so happens that the last time this celestial event occurred, the portal opened directly within the heart of the Oni Court. Even more coincidentally, it was at a time when every established ‘Slake Saga’ character was present. How convenient is that! This includes Slake, Conquer, Slab, Raze, Ruthless, Bellow, Brash, Onyx, and any other named oni you might desire. All look upon the newcomer hungrily, each wanting to prove his superiority to the others in ‘welcoming’ him to their world. Thick demonic cocks rise at the thought, arrayed in a multi-colored spectacle all around the interloper.

Who comes through the portal? Well, it could possibly be you . . .


  1. So this is temptation! @_@ Sounds so hot...! Great luck on the auction, you two!

    1. Awww, sorry to tempt you so! But it's okay if you can't bid. This sort of thing might work better as a *trade* with you anyway~ ;3

    2. Oho, that's right. I have the evil powers to tempt you, too. This will come in handy. Oh yes. >:D

    3. Ack! No! Don't tempt me! I can't handle temptations!

    4. *devil horn fingers on head* I'll give you all the oni spanking and butt molestery you can handle! >:D