Slake and Conquer in Soul Calibur!

NO. Not as regular characters! (though I wish)

But it turns out that Soul Calibur V's "create a character" mode is even more robust than I thought.

  I say that because Iomar on FA was totally able to create my oni guys, Slake and Conquer, in it!

Now I want to pick this game up. I could play online as Slake.

Why can't Tekken have a mode like this? C'mon Namco, get on the ball!

Slake's balls. *_*
*insert blue balls joke here*

It amuses me that the game allows you to make a huge variety of objects with their in-game tools, but all I've ever seen come out of it is penises.

That could be because I hang out too much on bara boards though.
Conquer's turn!

So regal. So majestic.
Such a hot body. *_*

That kingly rump. <3 br="">

I spy with my little eye . . .
 Once again, these brought to you by the amazing Iomar!


  1. If only this was on the PC, the modding would be through the roof! *_*

  2. This reminds me, we need more Slake stories.

  3. Agree with BishyT would love to see it on PC

  4. What i'd give to see them animated. Hot, hot hot!

  5. any chance we can found out what parts and paterns he used to make the penises?

    1. I suppose you could try . . . asking him!

  6. Hi this is heyheywhat. And man, do I love this x3 These men are sexy ;D