The Kangaroo


You've all heard of that classic Marvel villain "The Kangaroo", haven't you?

Alright, maybe you haven't. But if it makes you feel better, neither did Spider-Man before their first encounter.

What's the best way to handle a bad guy in high-tech battle armor? Simple! Strip it all off him and then hang him up like, as the indignant Kangaroo puts it, "a side of BEEF!"

(this was all in Spectacular Spider-Man #244 (1997) btw!)

Next issue we get possibly one of my favorite comic pages of all time. Let's count the ways:

1)The only clothes Kangaroo has on are a pair of boxers. Unclear if they're his own or if  Grizzly loaned him them.

2) Speaking of Grizzly, he's another minor Spider-villain who is extremely gay-coded every appearance he makes. True to form, in this ish he's basically adopted a naked hunk he found on the street.

3) They're talking weirdly homo-erotically about various humiliations they've endured. I love 90s tough guy talk.

4) Closeup on Kangaroo's butt as he leans into the fridge.

5) WHUMP! That kick!

This is the good shit right here.

Funny ha-ha "men getting prostate exam is the joke" humor or a wink and a nod that Kangaroo is now getting his ass regularly wrecked by Grizzly? You tell us, dear reader.

Sadly their love isn't to be, because they basically break up the following issue. We do get a nice cover of Kangaroo still in his undies though!

 But oh, what the hell. Let's show you some Grizzly while we're at it. Because who knew a skin-tight bear suit could look this good?

 With that out of the way, that's pretty much it for Kangaroo's most "fun" appearance. He isn't really in that many other issues, and when he is it's mostly just a cameo of him in prison because he, y'know, got arrested.

He is still looking good though, still keeping in shape.

In one story from Spider-Man's Tangled Web #16-17, he feuds with Tombstone. During the course of that he pulls the classic "creep through the air vents" maneuver popularized on television. Only, he gets stuck because he's too swole.

That's when the prison's femme gay population stumbles upon him and, well, whatever happens next is unknown because we have a scene transition. I think we can guess though. It was the not-politically-correct early 2000s.

Poor, poor Kangaroo...


Harry Force

I'd like to take a moment to talk about a rugged mountain of a man, taken from the pages of Adventures of Superman: Annual 5 (1987). Meet Harry Force.
A handsome man. A bearded man.

But also a man with a dark secret...

In times of stress or danger, he has the ability to transform... into a fearsome werebear!!

And that's not all!


After turning back, well... you can see for yourself. And I'm sure you are.

That's right. We get full, fuzzy, naked bear ass in this comic.

Yup. It's tough to be a bear who can turn into a bigger, hairier bear. Tough and, naturally, kinda hot.

Especially when it just keeps happening!

Some shots of bear on demon violence follow.

Eventually poor Harry gets injured and has to transform back to his human form. Which means...

Yeah. I can only imagine how many times I'd have jerked off to this comic if I'd had it as a kid.

Look at this. It's like one of those Renaissance paintings.

Sadly, Harry Force only has one other comic appearance to his name (and he keeps his clothes on for it). So he's gotta give us everything he's got in this single issue.

But like a true champ, he does. Repeatedly!

Everyone give a big thanks to artist Ed Hannigan for penciling so many fine panels of this fella.

But eventually, Harry Force's role in the story comes to an end. He leaves as he arrivedbutch, bearded, and with one last lingering ass shot.



Hello all! I've got a few new things for you about where I'm hanging and what I've been working on.

First of all, my previous twitter page is no more. You can find me now at Spankicorn where I continue to post all manner of content. Whether it's muscle men caps from anime and comics, commissions I get, my character's furry adventures, or just chilling with friends. Basically whatever strikes my fancy! Follow me there if you'd like updates on my various travails~


Secondly, I've been doing a podcast with my great friend Syd! We've been reviewing every episode of Disney's Gargoyles, with special focus on every time Goliath flexes his big muscles or his loincloth rides up to expose his butt. As of now we've completed the entire first season. For a fun time listening to two nerds talk about things that turn them on, check out The Loincloth Hour! You can also follow us on twitter

Lastly, I've got a youtube page now! I post a variety of male fanservice clips there, many of which I've previously covered on this blog. So if you've ever wondered what the original context was for some of what I've featured, and whether it was really as gay as I made it sound, head on over to Manservice! and find out!

Think that's all for now. Thanks again for following me, everyone. Just because I don't update here regularly anymore doesn't mean I'm not still active elsewhere, bringing the joys of bara to the world. Also keep on the lookout for the eventual release of Argus the Werewolf Spanker part 3...


Les Rugbymen


Ah, yes! Les Rugbymen!

As regular readers of this blog know, I adore two things: male butts, and obscure multicultural media featuring said butts. In Les Rugbymen, we find both!

I first grew aware of it through the English adaptation, "The Rugger Boys". The exaggerated cartoony style, the simple but bright colors, the macho sports aesthetic... these all drew the eye.

And, in the grand tradition of Kochikame or sports manga like Hajime no Ippo, there's plenty of risque or naughty humor as well!

Any comic that features their main characters mooning on a regular basis is sure to win my heart.

But I soon found out that "The Rugger Boys" was a mere two volumes, while the raw French Les Rugbymen counted nearly twenty! I needed more, and so there was only one thing to do.

That's right! Read a comic I didn't understand and just look at the pretty pictures!

But pretty they are. I wasn't disappointed for content, as the titular Rugby Men couldn't go a volume without some naughty hijink or other, or at the very least a shower scene.
Much of the humor is derived from rugby player stereotypes, ie. they're all big dumb himbos.

Add to that a heaping dose of slapstick, and we're on our way!

Let's go on a journey now, through their assorted misadventures.

Yes, that's just the thing for this blog, which has certainly been steadily updating all this time without any long hiatuses.

  Giving the crowd a show!

Rugby is a rough n' tumble sport. It's only natural for a few wardrobe malfunctions to slip in from time to time.

Beautifying the countryside for some local bicyclists...
Hittin' the beach!

Did you know that rugby holds the world record for most pantsings and accidental butt reveals of any sport? I just made that statistic up, but it seems like it could be true, doesn't it? Les Rugbymen holds true to that reputation!

They put in my kink...

In volume 6 or 7 we got this new character, Jonas, who's got a truly MASSIVE bulge.


A visit to Scotland showcases a whole new array of stereotypes... this time for kilts!

This one's a favorite too.

A visit to Japan finds the team running up against cultural boundaries yet again...

Not sure WHAT exactly is happening HERE.

Just a little light bondage and kidnap fantasy.

"Sorry honey! I must've walked all the way home like this!"

And you get the idea now! Just a silly, goofy comic about the intrinsic funniness of big buff guys who enjoy tackling each other.

Have any European readers encountered this comic before? What did you think of it? Sound off in the comments if you know where I can get my hands on more!

Especially these CALENDARS...