Les Rugbymen


Ah, yes! Les Rugbymen!

As regular readers of this blog know, I adore two things: male butts, and obscure multicultural media featuring said butts. In Les Rugbymen, we find both!

I first grew aware of it through the English adaptation, "The Rugger Boys". The exaggerated cartoony style, the simple but bright colors, the macho sports aesthetic... these all drew the eye.

And, in the grand tradition of Kochikame or sports manga like Hajime no Ippo, there's plenty of risque or naughty humor as well!

Any comic that features their main characters mooning on a regular basis is sure to win my heart.

But I soon found out that "The Rugger Boys" was a mere two volumes, while the raw French Les Rugbymen counted nearly twenty! I needed more, and so there was only one thing to do.

That's right! Read a comic I didn't understand and just look at the pretty pictures!

But pretty they are. I wasn't disappointed for content, as the titular Rugby Men couldn't go a volume without some naughty hijink or other, or at the very least a shower scene.
Much of the humor is derived from rugby player stereotypes, ie. they're all big dumb himbos.

Add to that a heaping dose of slapstick, and we're on our way!

Let's go on a journey now, through their assorted misadventures.

Yes, that's just the thing for this blog, which has certainly been steadily updating all this time without any long hiatuses.

  Giving the crowd a show!

Rugby is a rough n' tumble sport. It's only natural for a few wardrobe malfunctions to slip in from time to time.

Beautifying the countryside for some local bicyclists...
Hittin' the beach!

Did you know that rugby holds the world record for most pantsings and accidental butt reveals of any sport? I just made that statistic up, but it seems like it could be true, doesn't it? Les Rugbymen holds true to that reputation!

They put in my kink...

In volume 6 or 7 we got this new character, Jonas, who's got a truly MASSIVE bulge.


A visit to Scotland showcases a whole new array of stereotypes... this time for kilts!

This one's a favorite too.

A visit to Japan finds the team running up against cultural boundaries yet again...

Not sure WHAT exactly is happening HERE.

Just a little light bondage and kidnap fantasy.

"Sorry honey! I must've walked all the way home like this!"

And you get the idea now! Just a silly, goofy comic about the intrinsic funniness of big buff guys who enjoy tackling each other.

Have any European readers encountered this comic before? What did you think of it? Sound off in the comments if you know where I can get my hands on more!

Especially these CALENDARS...


  1. The drawing style is almost certainly that of the Astérix series, also originally in French.
    Do you know if it's actually from the same artist and/or cartoon studio?

    1. Google says the artist is Jean-Charles Poupard. No idea if they've illustrated anything else. Maybe you could google it yourself and get back to me?

  2. Strangely, he's unknown to (even French) Wikipedia, but clearly not from the Asterix team, rather a copycat. Available biographies (probably roughly copied) only mention other work.

    If you're looking to buy the comics online, try https://www.fnac.com/Les-rugbymen/si4316 for presently five volumes i stocjk from at least 19, but I'd give tome (volume) 18 a miss, being a girls parody.

    1. It's not a parody. It's about the female rugger team who have been recurring characters throughout the other books.

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