The Main Man

Warning for the weak of heart! This post is going to feature heavy amounts of gore and fragging.

That's because this post is on Lobo, the Main Man himself! And they are his stock and trade.

Lobo is a mercenary space-biker bounty hunter, and is the last of his race, the Czarnians!

(that's because he killed all the others himself, natch)

Being reasonable to him ain't gonna get you diddly.

He's crass and rude, too!

Anywho, let's see what he's got, eh?
We know that he apparently sleeps naked, and doesn't like to get woken up.

He also doesn't much care about being seen in such states of undress. :D

Anyway, then he sorta kills a lot of people.

Oh Lobo!

Some other random moments with Lobo.

About to lock lips with Guy Gardner!

Tanglin' with Despero.

Who apparently is naked by default a lot of the time? Think I gotta do a Despero post now. *____*

Hairy chested.

In bondage.

Fighting a bunch of so-called heroes!

Treasure trail.

Fighting demons who wear verrrry tiny thongs.

Nice "trapdoor" there, Lobo.

Gettin' beat on by a Wolverine-looking guy.

Chaining bastiches up.

Cute butt.

Nice placement of the barcode. >_>

Approach at your own risk, gents!

In bondage.

More bondage.

Scoring with all the babes.

LOTS of Lobos!


For his birthday party, these sassy dames made him and all his friends strip to their undies.

It would've gone even further, but then stupidhead here interrupted things. :0

It was some party!

Prison outfit.

More babes. Where does he find them all?

Dinos! :D

. . . Running naked from the dinos!

Talk about a pasty white butt.

Construction workers! *drool*

 Dragging some big guy around by his nosering~

MORE babes!

Waking up in the desert without any clothes . . . just another day for Lobo.


It's just a flesh wound.

Insert toilet humor here.

Getting payback on the bastiches who did that.

:D  :D  :D

At some point Lobo finds himself in the afterlife.

Specifically, hell.

Everyone in hell is totally naked, natch.

 Is this a Sandman tie-in, because Duma is here? :0

Fig leaf!

Yet more bondage.

Yet more . . . panties?

Bondage again! I sense a recurring theme here.

Senseless slaughter and mayhem!

Anywho, Lobo has also shown up in issues of the "New 52", so his legacy continues!

His legacy of getting naked a lot, that is.


  1. Looking through here, I don't see how Lobo /isn't/ targeted at gay men. Can't finally have a sexy comicbook character that swings both ways?

    1. As far as I know, he's always been straight in the comics. But now you've put the idea of a bisexual Lobo in my head, and it is a GRAND ONE. It would be amazing if he joined the slowly growing list of LGBT superhero comic characters!

  2. Hi there... idunno if u can post some of FREE teh werewolf in SOUL EATRE i luve that character and it will JUST GREAT if u can post some pics please.... as always excelents posts

    1. http://soupgoblin.blogspot.com/search/label/free